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v0.15.0 - 2018-10-29

DB migrations add a new fields and indexes on history_trades table. This is a very large table in CATCHUP_COMPLETE deployments so migration may take a long time (depending on your DB hardware). Please test the migrations execution time on the copy of your production DB first.

This release contains several bug fixes and improvements:

  • New /operation_fee_stats endpoint includes fee stats for the last 5 ledgers.
  • "Trades" endpoint can now be streamed.
  • In "Trade Aggregations" endpoint, offset parameter has been added.
  • Path finding bugs have been fixed and the algorithm has been improved. Check #719 for more information.
  • Streams send heartbeat every 10 seconds to prevent idle streams disconnections.
  • Rate limiting algorithm has been changed to GCRA.
  • Rate limiting in streams has been changed to be more fair. Now 1 credit has to be paid every second of a stream instead of per request.
  • Rate limiting can be disabled completely by setting PER_HOUR_RATE_LIMIT=0 environment variable or --per-hour-rate-limit=0 CLI param.
  • Logs can be sent to a file. Destination file can be set using an environment variable (LOG_FILE={file}) or CLI parameter (--log-file={file}).

Breaking changes

  • Assets stats are disabled by default. This can be changed using an environment variable (ENABLE_ASSET_STATS=true) or CLI parameter (--enable-asset-stats=true). Please note that it has a negative impact on a connected stellar-core DB.
  • In "Offers for Account", last_modified_time field endpoint can be null when ledger data is not available (has not been ingested yet).
  • "Trades for Offer" endpoint will query for trades that match the given offer on either side of trades, rather than just the "sell" offer. Offer IDs are now synthetic. You have to reingest history to update offer IDs.

Other bug fixes

  • horizon db backfill command has been fixed.
  • Fixed remoteAddrIP function to support IPv6.
  • Fixed route field in the logs when the request is rate limited.
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