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Last active May 21, 2023 16:46
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Quickly compiling Heirloom Doctools

Each time I re-install a fresh Linux distribution, one of the first things I need to do is to compile the Heirloom Documentation Tools. However some adjustments have to be performed; I write them here in order to recall them later:

  • download the sources from

  • type: sudo apt-get install g++ libc-dev bison flex

  • uncompress the tarball

  • enter the heirloom-doctools directory

  • edit mk.config and change three lines:

    • replace INSTALL=/usr/ucb/install with INSTALL=/usr/bin/install
    • replace PREFIX=/usr with PREFIX=/opt/heirloom
    • replace SHELL=/sbin/sh with SHELL=/bin/sh
  • run make

  • run sudo make install

This will perform a clean install into /opt/heirloom and you have to fix your PATH accordingly.

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