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Python script to compute the message delivery ratios together with 95% CI for different scenarios.
A simple to compute the delivery ratio of the messages (with 95% CI) under
various scenarios.
__author__ = "Barun Kumar Saha"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2013, Barun Kumar Saha"
__license__ = "MIT"
__version__ = "1.0"
import csv
import _gen_stats as gs
import math
# Routers used
routers = ('EpidemicRouter', 'SprayAndWaitRouter',)
areas = ('500,500', '1000,1000', '1500,1500',)
rng_max = 5
for router in routers:
print '# Router', router
for area in areas:
del_ratio = []
for i in xrange(1, rng_max+1):
fname = 'scenario_%s_area-%s_rng-%d_MessageStatsReport.txt' % (router, area, i,)
# Average delivery ratio
avg = gs.get_average(del_ratio)
sd = gs.get_std_dev(del_ratio)
ci = gs.confidence_interval_mean(rng_max, sd)
print '%s %.2f %.4f' % (area, avg, ci,)
# Any two data sets for Gnuplot must be separated by exactly 2 blank lines
print '\n'
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