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Option Explicit
Private MainKeyCol As Long
Private RowCounter As Long
Private Source As Workbook
Private isReadOnly As Boolean
Property Get EOF() As Boolean
If Source.ActiveSheet.Cells(RowCounter, MainKeyCol) = "" Then
EOF = True
EOF = False
End If
End Property
Property Get item(Index As Long) As Range
Set item = Source.ActiveSheet.Cells(RowCounter, Index)
End Property
Property Let item(Index As Long, Value As Variant)
Source.ActiveSheet.Cells(RowCounter, Index).Value = Value
End Property
Property Let StartRow(vs As Long)
RowCounter = vs
End Property
Property Let MainKey(vs As Long)
MainKeyCol = vs
End Property
Public Function NextRecord()
RowCounter = RowCounter + 1
End Function
Public Function PrevRecord()
RowCounter = RowCounter - 1
End Function
Property Let DataSource(ValueWorkbook As Workbook)
Set Source = ValueWorkbook
End Property
Property Get DataSource() As Workbook
Set DataSource = Source
End Property
Property Let ReadOnly(ValueBool As Boolean)
isReadOnly = ValueBool
End Property
Private Sub Class_Initialize()
MainKeyCol = 2
StartRow = 2
isReadOnly = True
End Sub
Public Sub CloseFile(Optional FileName As String = "")
Dim SaveChange As Boolean
If isReadOnly Then
SaveChange = False
Source.SaveAs (FileName)
SaveChange = True
End If
Source.Close SaveChanges:=SaveChange
End Sub
Private Sub Class_Terminate()
Set Source = Nothing
End Sub
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