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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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import platform
import requests
class SeedBox:
def __init__(self, agentConfig, checksLogger, rawConfig):
self.agentConfig = agentConfig
self.checksLogger = checksLogger
self.rawConfig = rawConfig
self.version = platform.python_version_tuple()
self.uuid = '8888888-bd96-11e3-8ed6-174023235e0f'
self.token = '7k1sv2t9lv30yrzgk8dxi529'
self.fields = ['light', 'temperature', 'humidity']
def run(self):
data = {}
for field in self.fields:
data[field] = 0
r = requests.get('http://localhost:3000/data/%s?token=%s' % (self.uuid, self.token,))
for field in self.fields:
data[field] = r.json()['data'][0][field]
return data
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