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Check whether a node is editable or not in TypeScript
* Checks whether the passed in node is editable or not.
* An editable node is one that returns true to isContentEditable or has a tag name as
* any one of the following:
* "textarea", "input", "text", "email", "number", "search", "tel", "url", "password"
* @param node the node to check
* @return true if the node is editable and false otherwise
function isEditable(node: Node): boolean {
let element = node as HTMLElement;
let nodeName: string = element.nodeName.toLowerCase();
let editables = ["textarea", "input", "text", "email", "number", "search", "tel", "url", "password"];
return (element.isContentEditable || (element.nodeType === Node.ELEMENT_NODE && editables.contains(nodeName)));
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