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Created December 6, 2013 13:29
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# zfs upgrade
This system is currently running ZFS filesystem version 5.
All filesystems are formatted with the current version.
# zpool upgrade -v
This system supports ZFS pool feature flags.
The following features are supported:
async_destroy (read-only compatible)
Destroy filesystems asynchronously.
empty_bpobj (read-only compatible)
Snapshots use less space.
LZ4 compression algorithm support.
obsolete_fs_limits (read-only compatible)
Obsolete fs and ss limits.
Crash dumps to multiple vdev pools.
spacemap_histogram (read-only compatible)
Spacemaps maintain space histograms.
Enhanced dataset functionality, used by other features.
The following legacy versions are also supported:
--- --------------------------------------------------------
1 Initial ZFS version
2 Ditto blocks (replicated metadata)
3 Hot spares and double parity RAID-Z
4 zpool history
5 Compression using the gzip algorithm
6 bootfs pool property
7 Separate intent log devices
8 Delegated administration
9 refquota and refreservation properties
10 Cache devices
11 Improved scrub performance
12 Snapshot properties
13 snapused property
14 passthrough-x aclinherit
15 user/group space accounting
16 stmf property support
17 Triple-parity RAID-Z
18 Snapshot user holds
19 Log device removal
20 Compression using zle (zero-length encoding)
21 Deduplication
22 Received properties
23 Slim ZIL
24 System attributes
25 Improved scrub stats
26 Improved snapshot deletion performance
27 Improved snapshot creation performance
28 Multiple vdev replacements
For more information on a particular version, including supported releases,
see the ZFS Administration Guide.
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