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Excerpt from MercuryHealthAppTests.cs
public void Add1stDonutTest()
var webApp = HomePage.Launch(_applitoolsApiKey,
"Add 1st Donut Test",
// browse to home page of app
.TakeVisualPicture<HomePage>("Home Page")
//go to nutrition page
// clean up and delete all donuts, take a picture of cleaned up nutrition page
.TakeVisualPicture<NutritionPage>("Nutrition Page")
// click create new link to add new food
.TakeVisualPicture<CreatePage>("Create Page")
// add donut as a food item and click the add button
.VerifyFoodInTable("Donut", 1)
.TakeVisualPicture<NutritionPage>("Nutrition Page After Adding Donut")
// clean up and delete all donuts
.TakeVisualPicture<NutritionPage>("Nutrition Paqge After Removing All Donuts");
catch (Exception e)
Assert.Fail("Exception occured during test run: " + e);
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