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View Main.elm
module Main exposing (main)
import Bootstrap.CDN as CDN
import Bootstrap.Card as Card
import Bootstrap.Card.Block as Block
import Bootstrap.Form as Form
import Bootstrap.Form.Input as Input
import Bootstrap.Grid as Grid
import Bootstrap.Utilities.Spacing as Spacing
import Browser
battermann / index.js
Created Jul 21, 2019
Web Midi with WebMidi.js
View index.js
import WebMidi from 'webmidi'
var btn1 = document.createElement('BUTTON')
btn1.innerHTML = 'send to all channels'
btn1.onclick = function () { play(song, 'all') }
var btn2 = document.createElement('BUTTON')
btn2.innerHTML = 'only one channel'
btn2.onclick = function () { play(song, 1) }
View SameGame.scala
object SameGame {
final case class Position(col: Int, row: Int)
sealed trait Color
case object Green extends Color
case object Blue extends Color
case object Red extends Color
case object Brown extends Color
case object Gray extends Color
View Music.elm
module MusicTheory.Music exposing
( Control(..)
, Division(..)
, Duration(..)
, Music(..)
, Primitive(..)
, PrimitiveGroup(..)
, TiedOrSeparate(..)
, dotted
, eighth
battermann / fpmaxpureapp.scala
Created Aug 8, 2018
reimplementation of the program from "FP to the Max" by John De Goes ( with PureApp (
View fpmaxpureapp.scala
import $ivy.`com.github.battermann::pureapp:0.6.0`
import com.github.battermann.pureapp._
import com.github.battermann.pureapp.interpreters.Terminal._
import cats.effect.IO
import cats.implicits._
import scala.util.Try
object Main extends StandardPureApp[IO] {
battermann / Ports.elm
Created Aug 4, 2018
multi-part file upload and Progress
View Ports.elm
port module Ports exposing (Header, Part, FileUploadRequest, uploadProgress, uploadFile)
import Json.Decode exposing (Value)
port uploadFile : { elementId : ElementId, request : FileUploadRequest } -> Cmd msg
port uploadProgress : (Value -> msg) -> Sub msg
View Interval.elm
module Types.Interval exposing (IntervalSize(..), IntervalQuality(..), Interval, addIntervalSizeToLetter, noteLetterDistance, addIntervalToNote, perfectUnison, minorSecond, majorSecond, minorThird, majorThird, perfectFourth, augmentedFourth, diminishedFifth, perfectFifth, minorSixth, majorSixth, minorSeventh, majorSeventh)
import Types.Note exposing (..)
import List.Extra
type IntervalSize
= Unison
| Second
| Third
View build.sbt
javacOptions ++= Seq("-source", "1.8", "-target", "1.8", "-Xlint", "-g:none")
resolvers += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("releases")
val http4sVersion = "0.18.0"
val circeVersion = "0.9.1"
val catsEffectVersion = "0.9"
libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
"org.http4s" %% "http4s-dsl" % http4sVersion exclude ("org.typelevel", "cats-effect_2.12"),
battermann / DiceGame.scala
Last active Nov 20, 2017
A simple dice game implemented purely functional.
View DiceGame.scala
// Note: pure != good, this is just a demo for the sake of purity. There are no claims that this is a particularly good design.
import PRNG.Seed
import{State, StateT}
import cats.effect._
import scala.util.Try
object DiceGame extends App {
type StateIO[A] = StateT[IO, Seed, A]
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