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Tales of the Ruby Grimoire

Tales of the Ruby Grimoire


The council of 3.0 had been called, and Scarlet was readying to join them to discuss the future of the land of Ruby. With her was her student, Red, carrying out his latest lesson.

"Now be sure to finish the remaining problems by the time I return, Red. I expect I'll have many fun things to tell you of when I return." said Scarlet.

Red nodded, still writing away on his scrolls, but as Scarlet exited the castle a sly sort of grin grew on his face.

For you see, dear audience, there are secrets in the castle of Master Scarlet, tightly guarded and kept secret for many a generation.

Red is fully aware of this fact, but with his master gone, there are no protections on such materials that he cannot break. So begins the tale of the darkest of magics, forbidden since the days of old, kept under lock and key since before dear Red had drawn his first breath.

Welcome to the Tales of the Ruby Grimoire.

Breaking the Spell

So Red journeyed, deeper and deeper into the catacombs of the castle until all light had faded and none was left but the whisper of his candle's flame. There, at the end of the stairwells, was a door thrice locked.

Once by reduction, twice by composed functions, and thrice by fundamental Ruby.

The locks fell one by one as the gleam in Red's eyes grew to a fervour, the secrets of the tower within his grasp at last!

Slowly the door creeked open with an eerie hiss, a musty wind filling his face as the contents of the room came into view. A library, and one grander than even the grandest of libraries of the wise master Violet! Knowledge beyond all comprehension stretching through all eternity with its splendor.

Red lost his breath at the sight of such majesty, but one book in particular caught his eye. A grimoire of no embellish, no fine craftsmanship, but locked and locked tightly, bolted down to its bindings. It spoke to him in its own way, a haunting melody that enchanted and called him to its pages.

As his hand met the book, light began to suffuse the room in a glorious gold and crimson, and a mad cackling rung throughout the halls.

There before him stood a figure of legends, the dark master Crimson, knower of knowledges both dark and terrible in their capacity. A myth, a legend, and now a reality standing before him cackling and bowing, extending a hand to the young lemur.

"It's been many years since I've been allowed to set foot on this mortal plane, young one, and for that I have a story to tell you, but I must ask: are you willing to pay its price?"

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