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Pre 2019 article difficulty rankings for some of my writings

Pre 2019 Articles by Difficulty Ranking

Posts are referenced doubly by difficulty then by chronological release order. Articles with a (+x) notation contain an advanced section that is not necessary reading, but dives into more advanced subject matter as a post-article exploration.


Requires no prerequisite knowledge. Frequently these articles are not directly programming related, and address other topical areas.

This ranking is more likely to grow in 2019, but in the mean time I would suggest reading the content that Mehdi has been writing over the past few years.


Requires some prerequisite knowledge of technologies. A lot of my articles fall into this area, and are typically introductions to a more advanced topic I don't want to cover without a lead-in article of some sort.


Requires a good deal of prerequisite knowledge of technologies. These articles focus more on ways to leverage languages and tools to do things outside of standard lessons, and as such may be hard for new programmers to entirely understand.


Requires a lot of prerequisite knowledge, or dives into a deep part of a specific tech or concept. I already have a number of these articles drafted for early 2019, and this will likely be where most of the really interesting ones get written.


Articles that go well down the rabbit hole into wild esoterica that may be hard to understand without significant prerequisite reading or lead-in articles.

I write very few of these on purpose, as they have a lot of lead in or cover a very specific subject matter.

Currently there's only one, but there are plans for a few more that build on destructuring to create some truly out there articles.

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