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@bayesball bayesball/server.R

Last active Jan 2, 2016
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Shiny application to graph the average number of offensive events (H, HR, SO, etc) per game per team over the history of Major League Baseball.
# Define server logic required to plot various variables against year
shinyServer(function(input, output) {
# Compute the forumla text in a reactive function since it is
# shared by the output$caption and output$mpgPlot functions
formulaText <- reactive({
paste("Variable:", input$variable,
"Per Game Per Team:",
input$range[1], "to", input$range[2])
# Return the formula text for printing as a caption
output$caption <- renderText({
# Generate a plot of the requested variable against mpg and only
# include outliers if requested
output$mpgPlot <- renderPlot({
Teams.recent <- subset(Teams, yearID >= input$range[1] &
yearID <= input$range[2])
Teams.recent$ <- Teams.recent[, input$variable] / Teams.recent[, "G"]
print(ggplot(Teams.recent, aes(yearID, + geom_point() +
geom_smooth(size=2, color="red", method="loess",
span=input$decimal) +
xlab("YEAR") + ylab("RATE PER GAME PER TEAM")
}, width=600, height=500)
# Define UI for miles per gallon application
# Application title
headerPanel("Offensive Production in Baseball History"),
# Sidebar with controls to select the variable to plot against mpg
# and to specify whether outliers should be included
selectInput("variable", "Variable:",
list("Runs" = "R",
"Hits" = "H",
"Home Runs" = "HR",
"Doubles" = "X2B",
"Triples" = "X3B",
"Walks" = "BB",
"Strikeouts" = "SO",
"Stolen Bases" = "SB",
"Errors" = "E")),
sliderInput("range", "Range:",
min = 1901, max = 2012, format="###",
value = c(1901, 2012), step = 1),
sliderInput("decimal", "Loess Smoothing Fraction:",
min = 0.05, max = 0.95, value = 0.2, step= 0.05)
# Show the caption and plot of the requested variable against mpg
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