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Last active July 31, 2023 18:53
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IBreaker interface
* @title Breaker Interface
* @notice Defines the basic interface for a Breaker
interface IBreaker {
* @notice Emitted when the sortedOracles address is updated.
* @param newSortedOracles The address of the new sortedOracles.
event SortedOraclesUpdated(address newSortedOracles);
* @notice Retrieve the cooldown time for the breaker.
* @param rateFeedID The rate feed to get the cooldown for
* @return cooldown The amount of time that must pass before the breaker can reset.
* @dev when cooldown is 0 auto reset will not be attempted.
function getCooldown(address rateFeedID) external view returns (uint256 cooldown);
* @notice Check if the criteria have been met, by a specified rateFeedID, to trigger the breaker.
* @param rateFeedID The address of the rate feed to run the check against.
* @return triggerBreaker A boolean indicating whether or not the breaker
* should be triggered for the given rate feed.
function shouldTrigger(address rateFeedID) external returns (bool triggerBreaker);
* @notice Check if the criteria to automatically reset the breaker have been met.
* @param rateFeedID The address of rate feed the criteria should be checked against.
* @return resetBreaker A boolean indicating whether the breaker
* should be reset for the given rate feed.
* @dev Allows the definition of additional critera to check before reset.
* If no additional criteria is needed set to !shouldTrigger();
function shouldReset(address rateFeedID) external returns (bool resetBreaker);
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