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small powershell script which allows you to quickly clean your repo during the migration
$targetSearchPath = $targetPath+"\*"
remove-item $targetSearchPath -Recurse -include *.vspscc,*.vssscc -Verbose
$slnRegexPattern = 'GlobalSection\(TeamFoundationVersionControl\)[:\w\d\s\\.=\/{}-]*EndGlobalSection'
$slnFiles = get-childitem -Path $targetSearchPath -Recurse -Filter *.sln
foreach($slnFile in $slnFiles)
$content = get-content $slnFile.FullName -Raw
if($content -match $slnRegexPattern)
($content -replace $slnRegexPattern, '') | Out-File -FilePath $slnFile.FullName -Verbose -Encoding utf8;
$projRegexPattern = '[\t\r]*<Scc.*</Scc\w*>'
$projFiles = get-childitem -Path $targetSearchPath -Recurse -Filter *.*proj
foreach($projFile in $projFiles)
$content = Get-Content $projFile.FullName -Raw
if($content -match $projRegexPattern)
($content -replace $projRegexPattern, '') | Out-File -FilePath $projFile.FullName -Verbose -Encoding utf8;
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