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Last active Apr 8, 2017
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Odd ideas for the 1st #ThemeMonday


(ASSUMING it gets picked for April 10th.)

  • some peanuts
  • pack of peanuts
  • peanut plant
  • peanut plant leaf
  • Peanuts cartoon character
  • retired political figures with peanut affiliations
  • peanut cuisine
  • abstract peanut art
  • 'peanut' letters reorganised artistically
  • obliquely peanut-related reference
  • a peanut shell
  • peanut art from found objects
  • jar of peanut butter
  • peanut oil
  • peanut oil label
  • peanut butter jar label
  • an oil derrick with a stop sign overlaid (peanut oil is good for you!)
  • peanut confectionery
  • peanut confectionery packaging
  • a photo taken from the Internet of the world's biggest peanut exhibit (this might not be a thing)
  • field of peanuts (grow it and they will come)
  • a book cover (about peanuts, naturally)
  • a thing about peanuts so tangentially obscure that it has to be explained in words of one syllable to prevent heads asploding
  • a peanut
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