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Created January 24, 2012 13:36
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823340af637a2302c17e64f54f4aa3f076b3d9f4 qt5
97ba018492a25533fcb1f54e12799e52c48a3162 qtbase (heads/master-973-g97ba018)
f4eeae2a4f3e72d2b82758e534c27fb6482b142f qtdeclarative (heads/master-374-gf4eeae2)
12c55417534e345314cd687dce2370b35a80d362 qtjsbackend (heads/master-1-g12c5541)
7b27e6916741fd9250e1c23ce540409a8e6152d2 qtlocation (remotes/origin/HEAD)
7bfb0fbb4a9c632e71549cad0f10a36b9fb3d8c1 qtquick3d (remotes/origin/qml2)
d83defb0103a82ffef1e0f572d18845b04c3b6f4 qtscript (remotes/origin/HEAD)
9087a78db05147339b2df1e7932d31f32b97846e qtsensors (remotes/origin/HEAD)
04021958973a8dcb357fad3e6a3e82a8f73fa0fc qtxmlpatterns (remotes/origin/HEAD)
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