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[2010-01-04 16:37:42,555] ERROR (JE 3.3.87) Lock expired. Locker 16491183 6_main_Txn: waited for lock on database=_jeNameMap LockAddr:10109394 node=10 type=WRITE grant=WAIT_PROMOTION timeoutMillis=500 startTime=1262651862054 endTime=1262651862554
Owners: [<LockInfo locker="16491183 6_main_Txn" type="READ"/>, <LockInfo locker="2573832 -1_main_BasicLocker" type="READ"/>]
Waiters: []
Transaction 16491183 6_main_Txn owns LockAddr:10109394 <LockInfo locker="16491183 6_main_Txn" type="READ"/>
Transaction 16491183 6_main_Txn waits for LockAddr:10109394

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