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Ben Batha bbatha

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bbatha / npm_debug.log
Last active Jun 1, 2017
npm5 large package debug log
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0 info it worked if it ends with ok
1 verbose cli [ 'C:\\Program Files\\nodejs\\node.exe',
1 verbose cli 'C:\\Users\\bbatha\\AppData\\Roaming\\npm\\node_modules\\npm\\bin\\npm-cli.js',
1 verbose cli 'install',
1 verbose cli '@fds/fds-cdn-data',
1 verbose cli '-ddd' ]
2 info using npm@5.0.1
3 info using node@v8.0.0
4 silly install loadCurrentTree
5 silly install readLocalPackageData

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  • I am bbatha on github.
  • I am bbatha ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBKD6z2ozTsC69HOpADwtuW09OlTDxf-jyJs2oCG-IPiAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

bbatha /
Created Oct 23, 2015 — forked from anonymous/
Shared via Rust Playground
struct Foo(u32);
fn foo(val: u32) -> Foo { Foo(val) }
impl Foo {
fn new() -> Self { Foo(3) }
trait BoolExt {
View Scoped pool lifetime problems
extern crate scoped_threadpool;
use scoped_threadpool::{Pool, Scope};
pub struct RefOwner<'a>(&'a str);
pub struct ScopeRef<'pool, 'scope> where 'pool: 'scope {
scope: &'scope Scope<'pool, 'scope>,
View pool problems
Compiling pool_problems v0.1.0 (file:///home/user/bbatha/experiments/pool_problems)
src/ 70:61 error: cannot infer an appropriate lifetime for automatic coercion due to conflicting requirements [E0495]
src/ let executor = Executor::new(auth_method, &scope);
src/ 73:11 note: first, the lifetime cannot outlive the method call at 69:8...
src/ pool.scoped(|scope| {
src/ let executor = Executor::new(auth_method, &scope);
src/ let result = executor.execute(&"true", &host).recv().unwrap();
src/ assert!(result.is_ok(), "Ensure you have a valid ssh-key pair for localhost");
src/ });
View Greatest Association
create_table(:minors) do
primary_key :id
create_table(:states) do
primary_key :id
foreign_key :minor_id, :minors
String :state, :size => 10
View gist:989d84c6e4aeca637e99
use std::collections::HashSet;
use std::hash::Hash;
use typed_arena::Arena;
pub enum Edges<'a, L: 'a, N: 'a + Hash> {
Leaves(Vec<&'a L>),
Children(Vec<&'a Node<'a, L, N>>)
use std::collections::HashSet;
use std::hash::Hash;
pub struct Dag<'a, L: 'a, N: 'a> {
leaves: HashSet<L>,
// Might be better as an arena but that isn't available the playpen
nodes: Vec<Node<'a, L, N>>
impl<'a, L: 'a + Eq + Hash, N: 'a> Dag<'a, L, N> {
View gist:8a1030c2d0f78be9eab1
[bbatha@dev threadpool-rs]% cargo test
Compiling threadpool v0.0.1 (file:///home/bbatha/projects/threadpool-rs)
src/ 42:16 error: `pool` does not live long enough
src/ pool.execute(move || {
src/ 47:6 note: reference must be valid for the block at 38:18...
src/ fn it_works() {
src/ let mut pool = ScopedThreadPool::new(2);
src/ for _ in (0..3) {
bbatha / gist:9df1fcc1fa0a72a9f57d
Created Apr 13, 2015
Arc::new() lifetime error
View gist:9df1fcc1fa0a72a9f57d
fn it_works() {
let guards: Vec<thread::JoinGuard<()>> = Vec::with_capacity(3);
let mut pool = ScopedThreadPool::new(2);
for _ in (0..3) {
guards.push(pool.execute(move || {
println!("Things are happening!");
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