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TorqueBox Lite on Heroku

TorqueBox Lite is a web-only, smaller cousin to TorqueBox. It doesn't support scheduled jobs, messaging, services, or any of the other non-web features of TorqueBox. What you do get is the great web performance of TorqueBox in a smaller package. Now that Heroku officially supports JRuby, it's easy to choose TorqueBox Lite as your web server.

Make sure you've created a JRuby application on Heroku and then simply add 'torquebox-lite' to your Gemfile and Procfile as shown below.

source ''
ruby '1.9.3', engine: 'jruby', engine_version: '1.7.10'
gem 'rack'
gem 'torquebox-lite'
web: torquebox-lite -b -p $PORT --max-threads=15

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@mikepence mikepence commented Sep 27, 2013

No longer seems to work...


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@bbrowning bbrowning commented Feb 19, 2014

I updated this and verified that it works with the latest torquebox-lite. The only thing I changed was the Procfile to have 'torquebox-lite' instead of 'bin/torquebox-lite'.

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