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In an overall sense, it's pretty ovious that the person/people who wrote this wrote it under the assumption that there was sort of one way of writing it, so a lot of this seems shoehorned into a "dictated style." I'm a bit wary of that to begin with - you shouldn't be figuring out how to make your tools do the job, you should be figuring out the best tools for the job. (It's also obvious that there's no real technical lead in their group who oversees their coding and applies some sort of standards to what they're doing.)

For example:

  • Their code comments seem to be literally only commented-out code that didn't work for whatever reason. Why is this? This is a HUGE red flag. If I'm building code that I know will be passed off to someone else to maintain, I comment the shit out of that code. This way it's readily apparent what the code does. I don't just leave it up to "they'll figure it out." That doesn't speak well to my own understanding of my responsibility as a vendor.

  • Why are there any backbone mo