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Last active June 7, 2023 07:11
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Offline Kubernetes manifest diff (does not use cluster state)
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Offline `kubectl diff` style tool (does not use cluster state). Diff two
# local files containing templated manifests (e.g. kustomize or helm output).
# Resources in each file are matched by api, kind, namespace and name. This is
# also shown in the filename fields of the diff output.
# Usage:
# old-manifests.yaml new-manifests.yaml
# kustomize build . | /tmp/old-manifests.yaml -
# No syntax highlighting, just use VSCode's "diff" language, etc.
import yaml
import sys
import difflib
import argparse
# When using --ignore, these labels are ignored (deleted) in the diff
# Also checksum/* annotations are ignored
def str_presenter(dumper, data):
if len(data.splitlines()) > 1: # check for multiline string
return dumper.represent_scalar(",2002:str", data, style="|")
return dumper.represent_scalar(",2002:str", data)
yaml.add_representer(str, str_presenter)
def name_resources(resources):
named_resources = {}
for r in resources:
if not r:
apiVersion = r["apiVersion"] if "apiVersion" in r else None
kind = r["kind"]
namespace = ""
if "namespace" in r["metadata"]:
namespace = r["metadata"]["namespace"]
name = r["metadata"]["name"]
key = (apiVersion, kind, namespace, name)
assert key not in named_resources
named_resources[key] = r
return named_resources
def resource_labels(resource):
yield resource["metadata"]["labels"]
except KeyError:
yield resource["spec"]["template"]["metadata"]["labels"]
except KeyError:
# TODO: maybe add jobTemplate pattern for CronJobs
def resource_annotations(resource):
yield resource["metadata"]["annotations"]
except KeyError:
yield resource["spec"]["template"]["metadata"]["annotations"]
except KeyError:
def diff(r1, r2, r1_key, r2_key):
for line in difflib.unified_diff(
yaml.dump(r1, default_flow_style=False).split("\n") if r1 else [],
yaml.dump(r2, default_flow_style=False).split("\n") if r2 else [], + " " + "/".join(r1_key) if r1_key else "", + " " + "/".join(r2_key) if r2_key else "",
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("old", type=argparse.FileType("r"))
parser.add_argument("new", type=argparse.FileType("r"))
parser.add_argument("--ignore", default=False, action=argparse.BooleanOptionalAction)
args = parser.parse_args()
old = name_resources(yaml.safe_load_all(args.old))
new = name_resources(yaml.safe_load_all(
if args.ignore:
for resources in (old, new):
for resource in resources.values():
for label in IGNORE_LABELS:
for labels in resource_labels(resource):
if label in labels:
del labels[label]
for annotations in resource_annotations(resource):
if annotations:
for annotation in list(annotations):
if annotation.startswith("checksum/"):
del annotations[annotation]
old_keys = sorted(old.keys())
new_keys = sorted(new.keys())
for opcode, i1, i2, j1, j2 in difflib.SequenceMatcher(
None, old_keys, new_keys
if opcode == "equal":
for k in range(i2 - i1):
old_key = old_keys[i1 + k]
new_key = new_keys[j1 + k]
assert old_key == new_key
diff(old[old_key], new[new_key], old_key, new_key)
if opcode in {"delete", "replace"}:
for k in range(i2 - i1):
old_key = old_keys[i1 + k]
diff(old[old_key], None, old_key, None)
if opcode in {"insert", "replace"}:
for k in range(j2 - j1):
new_key = new_keys[j1 + k]
diff(None, new[new_key], None, new_key)
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