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borkdude / router.clj
Last active April 9, 2024 15:03
Small ring router using core.mach in babashka
(require '[clojure.core.match :refer [match]]
'[clojure.string :as str]
'[hiccup2.core :refer [html]]
'[org.httpkit.server :as server])
(defn router [req]
(let [paths (vec (rest (str/split (:uri req) #"/")))]
(match [(:request-method req) paths]
[:get ["users" id]] {:body (str (html [:div id]))}
:else {:body (str (html [:html "Welcome!"]))})))
john2x /
Last active April 10, 2024 19:12
Clojure Destructuring Tutorial and Cheat Sheet

Clojure Destructuring Tutorial and Cheat Sheet

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Simply put, destructuring in Clojure is a way extract values from a datastructure and bind them to symbols, without having to explicitly traverse the datstructure. It allows for elegant and concise Clojure code.

Vectors and Sequences

Kartones /
Last active April 12, 2024 17:44
PostgreSQL command line cheatsheet


Magic words:

psql -U postgres

Some interesting flags (to see all, use -h or --help depending on your psql version):

  • -E: will describe the underlaying queries of the \ commands (cool for learning!)
  • -l: psql will list all databases and then exit (useful if the user you connect with doesn't has a default database, like at AWS RDS)
vsizov / gist:4500870
Created January 10, 2013 09:55
Automatically reload gems in rails 3.2.7 on every request in development
# Source:
# Inside config/environments/development.rb
# Do the following after every request to the server in development mode
ActionDispatch::Callbacks.to_cleanup do
# If the gem's top level module is currently loaded, unload it
if Object.const_defined?(:MyCoolGem)