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Useful terminal control characters
# Terminal output control (
# Hope no terminal is greater than 1k columns
# Colors and styles (based on
Bold="${TC}1m" # Bold text only, keep colors
Undr="${TC}4m" # Underline text only, keep colors
Inv="${TC}7m" # Inverse: swap background and foreground colors
Reg="${TC}22;24m" # Regular text only, keep colors
RegF="${TC}39m" # Regular foreground coloring
RegB="${TC}49m" # Regular background coloring
Rst="${TC}0m" # Reset all coloring and style
# Basic High Intensity Background High Intensity Background
Black="${TC}30m"; IBlack="${TC}90m"; OnBlack="${TC}40m"; OnIBlack="${TC}100m";
Red="${TC}31m"; IRed="${TC}91m"; OnRed="${TC}41m"; OnIRed="${TC}101m";
Green="${TC}32m"; IGreen="${TC}92m"; OnGreen="${TC}42m"; OnIGreen="${TC}102m";
Yellow="${TC}33m"; IYellow="${TC}93m"; OnYellow="${TC}43m"; OnIYellow="${TC}103m";
Blue="${TC}34m"; IBlue="${TC}94m"; OnBlue="${TC}44m"; OnIBlue="${TC}104m";
Purple="${TC}35m"; IPurple="${TC}95m"; OnPurple="${TC}45m"; OnIPurple="${TC}105m";
Cyan="${TC}36m"; ICyan="${TC}96m"; OnCyan="${TC}46m"; OnICyan="${TC}106m";
White="${TC}37m"; IWhite="${TC}97m"; OnWhite="${TC}47m"; OnIWhite="${TC}107m";
# examples
# echo "${Bold}${Red}bold red on ${OnBlue}blue background,${RegB} now back to regular background, ${RegF}regular foreground and ${Reg}regular text"
# echo "${Bold}${Undr}${Green}You can reset this whole style in one${Rst} command"
# echo -n "${Bold}${Blue}${OnWhite}bold blue text on white background${Rst}"; sleep 3; echo "${RESET_LINE}${Red}${OnYellow}becomes red text on yellow background${Rst}"
cxyokk commented Jul 24, 2013

Thanks man, it helps a lot~ Notice that you might need to use echo -e for those color escaped sequences to work.

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