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custom formbuilders for client side validations
// rails.validations.custom.formbuilder.js
// Assuming that your custom Formtastic FormBuilder class is called 'MyCustomFormBuilderClass'
clientSideValidations.formBuilders['MyCustomFormBuilderClass'] = {
add: function(element, settings, message) {
clientSideValidations.formBuilders['Formtastic::SemanticFormBuilder'].add(element, settings, message);
remove: function(element, settings, message) {
clientSideValidations.formBuilders['Formtastic::SemanticFormBuilder'].remove(element, settings, message);

After wondering why it did not work for a while, I did a s/formbuilders/formBuilders/ and was illuminated :-)


Updated :)


missed one :-)


in case anyone else winds up here, note that you'll need to change clientSideValidations to ClientSideValidations (uppercase). Other than that still seems to work.

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