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Powerine font test
echo -e "Powerline glyphs:\n\
Code points Glyphe Description Old code point
U+E0A0 \xee\x82\xa0 Version control branch (U+2B60 \xe2\xad\xa0 )\n\
U+E0A1 \xee\x82\xa1 LN (line) symbol (U+2B61 \xe2\xad\xa1 )\n\
U+E0A2 \xee\x82\xa2 Closed padlock (U+2B64 \xe2\xad\xa4 )\n\
U+E0B0 \xee\x82\xb0 Rightwards black arrowhead (U+2B80 \xe2\xae\x80 )\n\
U+E0B1 \xee\x82\xb1 Rightwards arrowhead (U+2B81 \xe2\xae\x81 )\n\
U+E0B2 \xee\x82\xb2 Leftwards black arrowhead (U+2B82 \xe2\xae\x82 )\n\
U+E0B3 \xee\x82\xb3 Leftwards arrowhead (U+2B83 \xe2\xae\x83 )\n\
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