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Simple details for Update-Package -Reinstall within Visual Studio for NuGet on .Net 4

Using Update-Package -Reinstall for NuGet

Tired of having to look this up everytime I need it, so saving it in a gist. Original SO answer

Note you can force package restore to execute by running the following commands in the nuget package manager console

Update-Package -Reinstall

Forces re-installation of everything in the solution.

Update-Package -Reinstall -ProjectName myProj

Forces re-installation of everything in the myProj project.

Note: This is the nuclear option. When using this command you may not get the same versions of the packages you have installed and that could be lead to issues. This is less likely to occur at a project level as opposed to the solution level. You can use the -safe commandline parameter option to constrain upgrades to newer versions with the same Major and Minor version component. This option was added later and resolves some of the issues mentioned in the comments.

Update-Package -Reinstall -Safe

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