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Created February 21, 2017 19:06
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Commands to install Ephesoft Community on Centos 6.6
# Install pre-requisites
sudo yum -y install unzip gnome-vfs2.x86_64
sudo rpm -Uvh
# Download Ephesoft
cd /tmp
unzip -d ephesoft
cd ephesoft
# Configure it
chmod +x install install-helper uninstall
# Change some properties
nano /tmp/ephesoft/Response-Files/
# We want to change the server name to localhost, so update these properties manually:
# input_change_server_name=y
# input_changed_server_name=localhost
# And optionally, change the DB password:
# input_database_password=root
# Install checkinstall
tar -xvf ./Ephesoft_4.0.2.0.tar.gz Ephesoft/Dependencies/checkinstall.tar.gz
cd ./Ephesoft/Dependencies
tar xzvf ./checkinstall.tar.gz
cd checkinstall
make install
# Then install ephesoft in silent mode
cd /tmp/ephesoft
sudo ./install -silentinstall
# And start Ephesoft
cd /opt/Ephesoft/JavaAppServer/bin/
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