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CoreBluetooth not discovering peripherals



Bluetooth LE devices are never detected by a CBCentralManager when scanning for all devices.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Clone and run a Bluetooth LE peripheral, e.g. git clone
  2. Clone this example on an Apple TV: git clone
  3. Run the example on a tvOS device

Expected Results:

The CBCentralManagerDelegate discovery functions called with Bluetooth LE peripherals nearby

Actual Results:

None of the CBCentralManagerDelegate functions are called


tvOS 9.0



Apple TV



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@rcarlsen rcarlsen commented Nov 11, 2015

I believe that you are calling the centralManager too soon in the referenced example project. You must wait until the centralManager calls the delegate method centralManagerDidUpdateState() with a state parameter of .PoweredOn or higher before calling methods on the centralManager.

When I moved the call to scanForPerihperalsWithServices() into the .PoweredOn case in ..didUpdateState() then nearby peripherals were discovered as expected.

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