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Last active Mar 17, 2020
We must all do everything in our power to protect lives - Matt Hancock MP Secretary of State for Health and Social Care - The Telegraph 14 Mach 2020
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Got officers, two upstairs, two downstairs - myself and inspector Brook today - downstairs and we are looking for people using their mobile phones.

What we'll do, we'll capture the video evidence and then what we'll do is we'll ticket them later in the post they will get their six points and £200 fine for the offence, it's a really effective way of us catching people.

It is the easiest and most prolific way of doing it, in 2½ hours last time we caught 41 offenders. Lots of people aware that we're doing it, it's about public awareness, they'll go away and tell people and it really is a case of - if you're driving and you're around any bus in the West Midlands now, all the PCSOs in the West Midlands will be trained

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Last active Mar 19, 2018
Could there be an 'implementedBy' keyword?

I wonder if it would be practical to add an implementedBy keyword to PHP or other OO programming languages. I imagine it could help a lot with keeping application code decoupled from third party library code, and following the interface segregation principle.

For instance if I work at Acme and I want to use the Money PHP library, but not couple my code to it directly, I could write an interface with just the methods I need:

namespace Acme;

interface Money implementedBy \Money\Money
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