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Created November 21, 2011 17:23
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s3-delete-bucket.rb: quickly delete large AWS S3 buckets using fog
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# s3-delete-bucket.rb
# Fog-based script for deleting large Amazon AWS S3 buckets (~100 files/second)
# Forked from this excellent script:
require 'rubygems'
require 'thread'
require 'fog'
# Ensure a bucket is specified
if ARGV.count == 0
raise "specify a bucket"
# Set up threads and variables.
bucket_name = ARGV[0]
thread_count = 20
threads = []
queue =
semaphore =
total_listed = 0
total_deleted = 0
puts "==Deleting all the files in '#{bucket_name}'=="
# Create new Fog S3. Make sure the credentials are available from ENV.
s3 = => "#{ENV['AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID']}", :aws_secret_access_key => "#{ENV['AMAZON_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY']}")
# Fetch the files for the bucket.
threads << do
Thread.current[:name] = "get files"
puts "...started thread '#{Thread.current[:name]}'...\n"
# Get all the files from this bucket. Fog handles pagination internally.
s3.directories.get("#{bucket_name}").files.all.each do |file|
# Add this file to the queue.
total_listed += 1
# Add a final EOF message to signal the deletion threads to stop.
thread_count.times {queue.enq(:EOF)}
# Delete all the files in the queue until EOF with N threads.
thread_count.times do |count|
threads << do |number|
Thread.current[:name] = "delete files(#{number})"
puts "...started thread '#{Thread.current[:name]}'...\n"
# Dequeue until EOF.
file = nil
while file != :EOF
# Dequeue the latest file and delete it. (Will block until it gets a new file.)
file = queue.deq
file.destroy if file != :EOF
# Increment the global synchronized counter.
semaphore.synchronize {total_deleted += 1}
puts "Deleted #{total_deleted} out of #{total_listed}\n" if (rand(100) == 1)
# Wait for the threads to finish.
threads.each do |t|
rescue RuntimeError => e
puts "Failure on thread #{t[:name]}: #{e.message}"
# Delete the bucket.
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No need for all the threads.

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