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Created January 29, 2017 10:44
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Salesforce: Create a Report object using Analytics API
# Instantiate Salesforce Report using Restforce.
# Requires Salesforce Analytics API with v29.
# Usage
# report = Restforce::Report.find("1234567890")
# puts
# puts report.filters
# puts report.rows
module Restforce
class Report < Object
attr_accessor :name
attr_accessor :rows
attr_accessor :filters
def initialize(name, filters, rows) = name
self.filters = filters
self.rows = rows
def self.find(report_id)
return nil if report_id.blank?
sfdc_client =
:username => RESTFORCE_CREDENTIALS["username"],
:password => RESTFORCE_CREDENTIALS["password"],
:client_id => RESTFORCE_CREDENTIALS["client_id"],
:client_secret => RESTFORCE_CREDENTIALS["client_secret"])
return nil if sfdc_client.nil?
# Request report from SFDC. Note that the API is limitd to 2k rows in response and there is no workaround.
sfdc_response = sfdc_client.get "/services/data/v29.0/analytics/reports/#{report_id}?includeDetails=true"
name = sfdc_response.body.reportMetadata["name"]
# Collect headers.
headers = []
sfdc_headers = sfdc_response.body.reportExtendedMetadata.to_hash["detailColumnInfo"]
sfdc_headers.each do |key, value|
headers << value["label"]
# Collect rows.
rows = []
sfdc_rows = sfdc_response.body.factMap.to_hash["T!T"]["rows"]
sfdc_rows.each do |row|
row = row["dataCells"]
index = 0
hash = {}
row.each do |values|
hash[headers[index]] = values["label"]
index += 1
rows << hash
# Collect filters.
filters = []
sfdc_filters = sfdc_response.body.reportMetadata["reportFilters"]
sfdc_filters.each do |row|
filters << row.to_hash
return, filters, rows)
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