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EZP-22217: REST Country list specifications

REST Countries list specifications

JIRA story:

Implement a REST service that gives access to an ISO-3166 formatted list of world countries.


  • presenting a country options list from any application that uses the REST API

Get the list of countries

Resource: /api/ezp/v2/services/countries Method: GET Content-Type: application/vnd.ez.api.CountriesList+xml


GET /api/ezp/v2/services/countries
Accept: application/vnd.ez.api.CountriesList+xml
HTTP/1.1 200
Content-Type: application/vnd.ez.api.CountriesList+xml
  <Country id="AF">
  <Country id="AX">


TTL cache would be sufficient here, as this resource's output isn't meant to change.


Would have said none, but there is a risk that this resource is used by anybody to get a free list of countries, as a web service, using bandwidth and processing power

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