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Last active August 29, 2015 14:07
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[spec] IO url prefix

IO URL decoration


      url_prefix: "$var_dir$/$storage_dir$"
        # S3 binary data handler storing to $var_dir$ folder
        # url_prefix: "$var_dir$"
        # nginx pointed directly to ezpublish-legacy/var/ezdemo_site/storage
        # url_prefix: ""


Problem: the uri sent by the SPI might be completely different (http://s3-eu-...) from what legacy expects (var/site/storage/...) when storing images .


An UrlDecorator is used to transform back & forth between two UrlDecorator.

One redecorator is added to the legacy image converter, with the source url decorator set to the "real" one, and the target to a legacy_url_decorator with $var_dir$/$storage_dir$ as the prefix.

The redecorator is used to convert uris between the two schemes depending on the expectations.

AbsoluteUrl decorator

Must be changed to also accept 'http' links (simple parse_url + scheme detection). The initial '/' should only be added if the prefix doesn't have a scheme.

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