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rTorrent config. Currently moves completed downloads to folders based on label (But only if label is applied before download finishes)
# rtorrent config file ß
directory = /home/hd4/accountname/torrents/data
session = /home/hd4/accountname/.config/rtorrent/sessP5,5,load_start="~/torrents/watch/*.torrent"
port_range = 57657-57657
encryption = allow_incoming,enable_retry,try_outgoing
dht = off
peer_exchange = no
check_hash = no
execute = {sh,-c,rm -f /home/hd4/accountname/.config/rtorrent/session/rpc.socket}
scgi_local = /home/hd4/accountname/.config/rtorrent/session/rpc.socket
execute = {sh,-c,chmod 0666 /home/hd4/accountname/.config/rtorrent/session/rpc.socket}
execute = {sh,-c,/usr/bin/php/home/hd4/accountname/www/rutorårent/php/initplugins.php accountname &}
max_uploads = 30
min_peers = 20
max_peers = 100
min_peers_seed = 20
max_peers_seed = 200
log.open_file = "rtorrent.log", (cat,/home/hd4/accountname/.config/rtorrent/rtorrent.log.,(
log.add_output = "error", "rtorrent.log"
# Filebot
# This works great to move the file ß∏
# Add a new method (get_finished_dir) tjat concats the torrent's label onto the base path to form a subidrectory.
system.method.insert = d.get_finished_dir,simple,"cat=/home/hd4/accountname/torrents/data/,$d.get_custom1=""
# Binds the following commands to the download finished event: Fisrt store the base path + label into temporary variable and try and create the directory.
# Next the command executes the move command on the torrent.
system.method.set_key =,move_complete,"d.set_directory=$d.get_finished_dir=;execute=mkdir,-p,$d.get_finished_dir=;execute=mv,-u,$d.get_base_path=,$d.get_finished_dir="
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