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Recoding and Sharing Name Pronunciations

Follow these instructions for recording audio

Convert audio

Convert the file to a supported open format for uploading to Wikimedia Commons:

  1. Open VLC.
  2. Under "File", click "Convert / Stream". (On Windows, "Convert / Stream" is under the "Media" menu.)
  3. Add the file you recorded, select the "Audio - Vorbis (OGG)" option, and choose a destination file named something like "Mikhail Popov.ogg".

Upload audio

  1. Go to the Wikimedia Common upload wizard, add the ogg file, and on the next page select "own work".
  2. Add details on the following page
  3. Update the default title to something like "En-Mikhail Popov". (IMPORTANT: File name for Commons must start with the language code for the pronunciation.)
  4. Add a caption like: "Pronunciation of Mikhail Popov's name." Use the same text for the description.
  5. Select today's date for the creation date.
  6. Select the categories "Names" and "Pronunciation".
  7. Click "Publish", and on the next page click "Skip this step".


On the left side, there will be a picture of an audio icon. Click it. On the subsequent page, in the "Transcode" section, click the download icon. Click it - this leads to an audio file URL. Save the URL in your browser's address bar - this is the one to link people to.

(Alternatively you can also link them to the recording's page on Commons.)

You can even add it to your blog. For example includes the pronunciation via:

<audio controls>
  <source src="" type="audio/ogg">
  <source src="" type="audio/mpeg">
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