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beat / ddns-api.php
Last active Jan 21, 2022 — forked from fredsted/ddns-api.php
Virtualmin Dynamic DNS (DDNS) server
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// This script receives DDNS updates via HTTP and stores them into a JSON file for another script.
// example: http://server/ddns-api.php?code=DDNS_CODE&hostname=home = updates to IP of requester
// example: http://server/ddns-api.php?code=DDNS_CODE&hostname=home&myip= = updates to IP
// example: http://server/ddns-api.php?code=DDNS_CODE&hostname=home&myip6=1:2:3::4 = updates to IPv6
// example: http://server/ddns-api.php?code=DDNS_CODE&hostname=home&myip= = updates to IPv4 and IPv6 given
// example: http://server/ddns-api.php?code=DDNS_CODE&hostname=home&action=delete = deletes from DNS
define('DDNS_DATA_FILE', '/home/ddns/ddns.json');
beat / Apps-bootstraped-list-view-sample
Created Sep 13, 2013
Apps: Example bootstrap markup (mockup) for list view
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<div id="web" class="tab-pane active">
<fieldset class="uploadform">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css">
<legend>Install from Web</legend>
<div id="j-sidebar-container" class="span3">
<div id="sidebar">
<div class="sidebar-nav">
<ul id="submenu" class="nav nav-list">
<li class=""><a href="#">Popular</a></li>