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#botally code of conduct

#botally code of conduct

based on the #nodejs code of conduct by @izs

tl;dr If you’re a mean butt you get kicked out. This is not negotiable.

  • Sexist, heteronormative, racist, and other offensive remarks are not allowed. (Cursing is allowed, but never targeting another user, and never in a hateful or sexually explicit manner.)
  • Remarks that make any of the ops go “Hm, that’s inappropriate”, whether on the above list or not: also not allowed.
  • You get a warning.
  • If the warning is not taken seriously, you might get a second sterner warning in PM, if you’re lucky, and the op is feeling generous, and this is the first time. But don’t count on that.
  • If the warning is unheeded, you get kicked.
  • If you come back and continue to make trouble, you get banned.
  • If you contact the offended party, and are truly apologetic, and it was the first offense, and the op who banned you feels it’s appropriate, then you may get un-banned.
  • If an op bans you, I’m definitely not going to unban you unless they agree it’s a good idea.
  • If an op bans someone, and you think it was unjustified, take it up with that op, or with a different op, in private. Griping about bans in-channel is not tolerated, and will result in more bans.
  • Ops are expected to be paragons of virtue. If an op creates an inappropriate situation, they should expect much less leeway than standard users.
  • Your free speech is not our problem. We recognize that this policy is a restrictive political stance. That is the intent. If you want a room with different rules, go create one.

Remember: we all just want to be happy while making bots & weird internet things!

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