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Created Sep 17, 2019
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var NotifyListeners func()
// Wallet is the interface struct to the blockchain for the user
type Wallet struct {
username string
chain *Blockchain
// NewWallet creates a Wallet struct
func NewWallet(username string) Wallet {
return Wallet{username, NewBlockchain()}
// SetDifficulty sets the difficulty value for the PoW done by block mining
func (wlt Wallet) SetDifficulty(diff uint8) {
// Reward transfers amt to owner of wallet from coinbase
func (wlt *Wallet) Reward(amt float64) {
tr := Transaction{"Coinbase", wlt.username, amt}
// Networth traverses the blockchain to calculate user's balance
func (wlt Wallet) Networth() float64 {
// Calculate transaction To "username" minus From "username"
var netsum float64
for _, blk := range (*wlt.chain).GetChain() {
var trnsxn = blk.GetTransaction()
if trnsxn.To == wlt.username {
netsum = netsum + trnsxn.Amount
if trnsxn.From == wlt.username {
netsum = netsum - trnsxn.Amount
return netsum
// PayTo transfers amt to the username specified from the owner of this wallet
func (wlt *Wallet) PayTo(username string, amt float64) bool {
if wlt.Networth() < amt {
return false
tr := Transaction{wlt.username, username, amt}
return true
// GetBlockchain temp func used only for testing
func (wlt Wallet) GetBlockchain() *Blockchain {
return wlt.chain
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