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Last active October 28, 2015 10:23
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Reflux + Axios.
'use strict';
var Reflux = require('reflux');
var axios = require('axios');
var Actions = Reflux.createActions({
load: {
children: ['completed', 'failed']
Actions.load.listen(function() {
var that = this;
axios.get('/whatever').then(function(res) {
module.exports = Actions;
'use strict';
var Reflux = require('reflux');
var actions = require('./actions');
module.exports = Reflux.createStore({
init: function() { = [];
this.listenTo(actions.load.completed, this.loadCompleted);
this.listenTo(actions.load.failed, this.loadFailed);
loadCompleted: function(data) { = data;
loadFailed: function(err) {
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Hey brebaw... for some reason when I tried to use this example, the initial "load" is not being triggered...

Do I have to manually trigger it in somewhere? Or Am I probably doing something wrong?

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God dammit, I got it now...

I have to trigger actions.load() to actually trigger the ajax call... I thought the first one was automatically triggered... my fault...

Thanks for the example :)

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Wow this helped, but please how do you use this inside the react component.

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