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A trash command as a Swift script.
#!/usr/bin/xcrun swift
import Dispatch
import Cocoa
dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue()) {
let URLsToRecycle = Array(dropFirst(Process.arguments)).map { NSURL(fileURLWithPath: $0) }
NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace().recycleURLs(URLsToRecycle) { dict, error in
let recycledURLs = Array(dict.keys) as [NSURL]
if error != nil {
// Couldn't make this work, sadly—compiler crash.
// var errstream = NSFileHandle.fileHandleWithStandardError()
println("\(error.localizedDescription)"/*, &errstream*/)
println(""/*, &errstream*/)
println("Files that were not trashed:"/*, &errstream*/)
for URL in URLsToRecycle {
if !contains(recycledURLs, URL) {
println("\(URL.path)"/*, &errstream*/)
else {
// extension NSFileHandle: OutputStreamType {
// public func write(str: String) {
// let data = str.dataUsingEncoding(NSUTF8StringEncoding)
// self.writeData(data)
// }
// }
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kareman commented Oct 24, 2014

Excellent, I really don't like using "rm" on the command line. With this script I can at least undo my mistakes.

I made a version of this at using the SwiftShell framework.

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