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Capybara RackTest extension for submitting a form without a button
module SubmitRackTestFormWithoutButton
def submit_form!, form).submit({})
Capybara::RackTest::Node.send :include, SubmitRackTestFormWithoutButton
# in your code ..

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alexdesi commented Jan 6, 2012

I tried to used this code but without success:
I get undefined method `submit_form!' for #Capybara::Node::Element:...
actually by "Capybara::RackTest::Node.send :include, SubmitRackTestFormWithoutButton" the method submit_form! is added to the Node (not to the Element), but find return an Element
Some ideas how to fix it?


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beccasaurus commented Jan 6, 2012

Hmm. I haven't tried running any code yet, but I remember that I copy/pasted the, form).submit({}) code from on of Capybara's #click methods. I remember that, behind the scenes, Capybara obviously knew how to submit a form, but it ONLY exposed this via a button click.

Anyway ... I looked at the current version of node.rb and the Form submit code has been slightly tweaked and now looks like:, form).submit(self)

That said, if you're getting an undefined method submit_form! for Element ... that's a different problem. You should get a Capybara::RackTest::Node as the result of calling #find(...). Are you using RackTest (as opposed to Selenium, Webkit, etc)?

# this is the RackTest driver's find method
def find(selector)

# and here's the code for brower.find
def find(selector)
  dom.xpath(selector).map { |node|, node) } # <--- notice the

# and here's the #click method of a RackTest::Node which determines whether you're clicking on an Anchor (which will visit the href) or a form submit/input button (which will submit the form, which is what you wanna do)
def click
  if tag_name == 'a'
    method = self["data-method"] if driver.options[:respect_data_method]
    method ||= :get
    driver.follow(method, self[:href].to_s)
  elsif (tag_name == 'input' and %w(submit image).include?(type)) or
      ((tag_name == 'button') and type.nil? or type == "submit"), form).submit(self)

Hope that helps? The only problem that I can think of is that you're not using the :rack_test driver? Lemme know if I can help any more (but I gotta run for now).


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minimul commented Apr 10, 2013

@alexdesi Yes, Capybara::Node::Element needs to be extended also see

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