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Getting the Client Context for the file upload.
function getWebRequestExecutorFactory(appWebUrl, hostWebUrl, spLanguage) {
let context = new window.SP.ClientContext(appWebUrl);
const factory = new window.SP.ProxyWebRequestExecutorFactory(appWebUrl);
return context;
const jsomContext = (appWebUrl, hostWebUrl, spLanguage) => {
return getWebRequestExecutorFactory(appWebUrl, hostWebUrl, spLanguage);
const jsomAppContext = (appWebUrl, hostWebUrl, spLanguage) => {
let context = getWebRequestExecutorFactory(appWebUrl, hostWebUrl, spLanguage);
// Use the host web URL to get a parent context - this allows us to get data from the parent
let hostWebContext = new SP.AppContextSite(context, hostWebUrl);
return hostWebContext;
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