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uBlock Origin rules for new twitter website
# hides engage-y modules from the rightmost sidebar > .r-t23y2h
# hides promoted tweets :has(svg[d="M20.75 2H3.25C2.007 2 1 3.007 1 4.25v15.5C1 20.993 2.007 22 3.25 22h17.5c1.243 0 2.25-1.007 2.25-2.25V4.25C23 3.007 21.993 2 20.75 2zM17.5 13.504c0 .483-.392.875-.875.875s-.875-.393-.875-.876V9.967l-7.547 7.546c-.17.17-.395.256-.62.256s-.447-.086-.618-.257c-.342-.342-.342-.896 0-1.237l7.547-7.547h-3.54c-.482 0-.874-.393-.874-.876s.392-.875.875-.875h5.65c.483 0 .875.39.875.874v5.65z"])
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