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Peter Brown beerlington

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inoremap <silent> <Bar> <Bar><Esc>:call <SID>align()<CR>a
function! s:align()
let p = '^\s*|\s.*\s|\s*$'
if exists(':Tabularize') && getline('.') =~# '^\s*|' && (getline(line('.')-1) =~# p || getline(line('.')+1) =~# p)
let column = strlen(substitute(getline('.')[0:col('.')],'[^|]','','g'))
let position = strlen(matchstr(getline('.')[0:col('.')],'.*|\s*\zs.*'))
normal! 0
call search(repeat('[^|]*|',column).'\s\{-\}'.repeat('.',position),'ce',line('.'))
View wtf.rb
Constant.find_all_by_global(true).each do |c|
@system_constants.class_eval do
define_method, lambda { detect {|sc| ==}.instance_eval { {:value => value, :unit => c.unit} } }
end unless @system_constants.empty?
View formtastic_input.rb
module ClassyEnumHelper
class SemanticFormBuilder < Formtastic::SemanticFormBuilder
def enum_select_input(method, options)
enum_class = object.send(method)
unless enum_class.respond_to? :base_class
raise "#{method} does not refer to a defined ClassyEnum object"
options[:collection] = enum_class.base_class.all_with_name
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