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Last active March 5, 2017 02:56
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Beer IoT Data

This gist contains data gathered from experiments in measuring fermentation, documented here:

SAMPLE* files are just a few lines to give you an idea of the format of the .gz with the similar name.

The first line of each CSV contains comma-separated column names.

All times are UTC.

All temperatures are degrees Celcius.

All pressures are in millibars.

Missing data is marked with the word "unknown" (without quotes).

The blog post describing beerbug_sg_t is part six of the series.

The blog post describing sink_p_t_pi_ti is part seven of the series.

The blog post describing tilt_x_y_z is part eight of the series.

timestamp specific gravity air temperature (C)
2017-02-27T04:11:00Z 1.0061 20.4
2017-02-27T04:09:00Z 1.006 20.40555555555556
2017-02-27T04:07:00Z 1.0057 20.383333333333333
2017-02-27T04:06:00Z 1.0057 20.41111111111111
2017-02-27T04:05:00Z 1.0056 20.416666666666668
timestamp external pressure (mbar) external temperature (C) internal pressure (mbar) internal temperature (C)
2017-02-27T03:29:01Z 1009.58746 22.961 1007.5271 18.810198
2017-02-27T03:28:01Z 1009.60297 22.955 1007.52747 18.80515
2017-02-27T03:27:01Z 1009.5906 22.952 1007.5229 18.804585
2017-02-27T03:26:01Z 1009.5984 22.962 1007.5143 18.804611
2017-02-27T03:25:01Z 1009.61707 22.966 1007.5022 18.803146
timestamp x y z
2017-02-27T02:52:09Z -79.2 15.7 235.9
2017-02-27T02:51:09Z -79.6 16.1 236.4
2017-02-27T02:50:09Z -78.8 15.8 236.2
2017-02-27T02:49:09Z -78.9 15.9 236.3
2017-02-27T02:48:09Z -79 16.3 235.9
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