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Adds a custom "league" unit to WooCommerce
* This adds the new unit to the WooCommerce admin
function add_woocommerce_dimension_unit_league( $settings ) {
foreach ( $settings as &$setting ) {
if ( 'woocommerce_dimension_unit' == $setting['id'] ) {
$setting['options']['league'] = __( 'league' ); // new unit
return $settings;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_products_general_settings', 'add_woocommerce_dimension_unit_league' );

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@matteoraggi matteoraggi commented Feb 12, 2016

In which folder of woocommerce 2.5.2 or of the plugin woocommerce-measurement-price-calculator I should insert the file wc-measurement-price-calculator-custom-unit.php ?


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@tdonovic tdonovic commented Sep 15, 2017

Im a bit confused, with Matteoraggi with this one. I've tried putting it in theme function.php and that didn't seem to work


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@YourBassHertz YourBassHertz commented Feb 11, 2018

So, I ran into the same problem mentioned above. I followed example listed on the woocommerce development site (, but to no avail. However, when I forced it into the array by calling the $key as well, that made all the difference.

foreach ( $settings as $key => $setting ) {
     if ( 'woocommerce_measurement_unit' == $setting['id'] ) {
         $settings[$key]['options']['league'] = __( 'league' );  // new unit

I'm a bit confused why this is the case because there are plenty of times that I can remember where I've looped through the array and set the new value using the 'current instance' of the loop, but I guess not this time. I'm not sure if it's a php version difference, but in any case, this worked for me. I hope this helps!


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@onebook0505 onebook0505 commented Apr 3, 2019

Hi @bekarice,why woocommerce_area_unit is not working?

in measurement tab, if not enabled Calculated Price,how can i show the product dimensions in the cart?

WooCommerce version 3.5.7
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator version 3.14.0

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