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Last active August 16, 2023 06:13
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Automatically link previous orders to new WooCommerce customer accounts upon registration
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Hello and good day.
I am using Memberful to register a new user and it creates new users on the backend.
Will this plugin still work when Member creates a new user? I had run a test and it seems it does not work.

Thank you and have an amazing day!

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zmayyem commented Sep 21, 2020

Hi @bekarice , thanks for this amazing plugin but can you please
tell me how can i also sync billing adresses from the last order that the customer made
do you have any idea how to auto fill user adresses fields from the last order billing informations on user registeration ??
thanks in advance

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jasonfreemanmke commented Oct 14, 2020

I think that this will solve my problem. However my question is where to install it, and can i have it run in the background for all customers?

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Hi @bekarice, than you for that plugin, I've tried to install it on a website but nothing changed. Should I do something different to make it work? Thank you in advance.

@jasonfreemanmke did you find a way to make it work?

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Looks like you just have to download the ZIP file and "add new plugin" and point to the zip file.

The better question is has this been tested up to the latest version of WC, and can this be placed in the Wordpress plugin site and maintained for updates?

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Hi, I've already tried that way but nothing changed, I think the plugin is not updated or there is something else to do. Maybe I should add the snippet directly on the php func. as described in the article that @bekarice did on skyverge website

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I've made a big mistake, I'm afraid. People who can buy a LearnDash online course via WooCommerce, were able to check out as a guest in WooCommerce. This wasn't possible before, but an update caused the issue I guess. Anyway: I solved the issue for all new orders, but still: there are several customers who have checked out as a guest, while they must have an account to access the course.

So for those who did check out before as a guest, I want to automatically create an account based on their email addresses.

Is there a way I can run a script like this or something else, that creates accounts for all guest checkouts?

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