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patch client-side Meteor functions to print out the DDP messages. Add this somewhere in your client-side JS before Meteor.startup() and it should print out the DDP messages. Please let me know if there are some that are missing! I'm not sure I caught all of the handler functions.
var monkeyPatches = {
'_livedata_data': 'DATA',
'_livedata_error': 'ERROR',
'_livedata_nosub': 'NOSUB',
'_livedata_connected': 'CONNECTED',
'_livedata_result': 'RESULT',
var modifiedFunctionName = funcName+'_original';
var extension = {};
extension[modifiedFunctionName] = Meteor.default_connection[funcName];
_.extend(Meteor.default_connection, extension);
Meteor.default_connection[funcName] = function(msg){
console.log(monkeyPatches[funcName]+': ');
var originalSend = Meteor.default_connection._stream.send;
'originalSend': originalSend,
Meteor.default_connection._stream.send = function(data) {
console.log('SENDING: ');
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TimHeckel commented Jan 10, 2013

this might prove to be very useful...thank you!

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