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request from gall agent to kernel (first stab)
+$ note
:: %ames
[%sift ships=(list ship)]
[%spew veb=(list verb)]
:: %behn
[%wait date=@da]
[%rest date=@da]
:: %clay
:: TODO: %warp, %info, %park, %merg
[%mont pot=term bem=beam]
[%ogre pot=$@(desk beam)]
[%dirk =desk]
:: %dill
[%belt =belt]
[%flog =flog]
[%crud =goof]
[%view ~]
:: %eyre
[%rule =http-rule]
[%connect =binding]
[%disconnect =binding]
[%approve-origin =origin]
[%reject-origin =origin]
:: %gall
[%jolt =desk peer=[=ship =desk]]
[%idle =desk]
[%nuke =desk]
:: %iris
[%request =request:http =outbound-config]
[%cancel-request ~]
:: %jael
[%snag ~] :: ask jael to track pki from this desk
[%full points=(map ship point)]
[%diff who=ship =diff:point]
[%breach who=ship]
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