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solidity problems
Python: TypeError: 'list' object is not callable
==> when you try to call a map with () instead of []
Uncaught Error: solc: exit status 1 Error: Doc tag @notice not valid for statements. is caused by a //// comment you should use only //
when you want to fill a array struct
use a local var like : /// construct the struct "Delivery" and assign it to storage.
var queue = requestQueue; // stores reference to storage
queue[queue.length++] = Delivery(from, to);
DeliveryRequested(from, to);
TypeError: abi is undefined when event used in solidity browser
this problem occures if you use the javascript VM however if you change to a local wb3 provider this probleme disappear.

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@nrchandan nrchandan commented Apr 15, 2017

Four slashes (////) resulting in the "Doc tag @notice" error is crazy! The solution is to remove two slashes so that comment starts with exactly two slashes (//).

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